woensdag 30 april 2014

Remember or Dont miss out

Adds are fun to watch especially from a RTI perspective.
The RTI team has just released the RTI-rapport and its called 6 killing sales mistakes.
Its for free and you can find it on my website in the "about" section at the end fo this blog you will find the direct link.  I hope you will take advantage of the insights and let me know how you're progressing in better word choice and performance in sales. (datgaanwedoen@gmail.com)

Remember or Dont miss out!
I collected a few pictures for you, lets take a look at them and learn, You will see some great examples (100% RTI Proof) and a few who would benefit of the RTI insights.

Problem: "planting the seed of the opposite" 
Don't Miss out - Discount - launch offer - ending soon

Alternative: Hurry! Take advantance of limited (our) Launch offer Discount!

Personal observation: So I miss out on a launch offer (that's at the start right?) what will end soon....
I am lost...

Way to go!!!!
Simple, clean and targeted message 100% RTI-Proof!
Personal observation: I want to be involved!

Almost there!

Problem: Squelching their enthusiasm in the small print: "Offer does not combine with any other promotion" (with this small print the danger is you send a potential customer away with no purchase at all and your disappointing regulars)

Alternative: Print on the back side: Other discount coupons you want to spend aswell? Call / Email us for a tailor made offer! / We sort it out with you!

Personal observation: You never ever send upfront a customer away or turn him/her down and always offer or find a solution for their needs, no matter what! Money is only spend once in (online) stores, make sure its in yours.

Simple, clean, targeted message 100% RTI Proof!
Personal observation: I already looking forward to this sizzling summer savings!

More tips and insights?
Download the RTI rapport HERE for FREE!

As always here to help you to clarify your message in sales, presentations, brochures, letters and other communications.


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