dinsdag 29 april 2014

Don't show this again

Remember-the-Ice in practice

I Have my website via  wix.com, great templates and theme's to choose from, very good apps to add to your website, all and all great service! If you choose to upgrade your website from free to paid, its very affordable aswell! Really enjoying this wix.com service.

While working and updating the website I came across (many times) this message: Your Work was saved and it includes a tick box: Don't show this again.

From my own experience I know that this message is ignored by the most of the users as we know from brain studies that word "do not" or "don't" is ignored or it creates the opposite of what is ment. The brain reads and will acts as: ..... show this message again. Most likely there are many clicks ahead of you (at least for me it was)

How to change this message in a service empowering experience / positive packaged message?

Your work was saved
Please note: The changes you've made are only seen in the draft version
In order to update your site, click the Publish  in the top right corner.

Tick box: Thank you, no more need to remind me                                                            OK


A few small changes but with an impact that matters.

As always here to help you to clarify your message in sales, presentations, brochures, letters and other communications.

Do you have any message you want to clarify? Please leave a message below and we get it done - free from charge, as a service so that we all can learn!

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  1. Glad to read this article and remember my time in The Netherlands when i was present at the meeting to listen to "Remember The Ice"