zondag 25 januari 2015

Keep your data safe!

Once again, the most popular password of 2014 was "123456," followed by "password."

Its like "Open Sesame" for the bad guys out there, so please be aware of your responsibility!
Keep your own private data safe,
Your customers data safe and by doing so,
keeping a healthy business relation...just because you simply take care of it.

When you close your store for the day, you stow the important papers in a safe, lock-down all doors and windows, keep a list of who has keys and access and put your electronic guard to work...So why this is in the real world such an normal thing to do but were seem to lack to see the importance to do online....

My wild guess why it is? Simply no time, too busy with the hectic daily things to do to keep your business afloat, no priority in the mind, as online shops are seen a "just an extra window to this world to attract customers to the shop in main street"

Please take care of it. Sony's hack costed them directly 171Million (!!!) and the damaged reputation....it must be a factor 10 as we all know that trust comes by foot and leaves by....-Fill in something that goes very very very fast -.....

Is your webshop also consuming a lot of time? Too busy to get it all done in one day? Please considering to take on a partner onboard. We facilitate your (online) sales process, get your webshop back on track and more sales done.!

Happy Sales!

PS: And please remember to change your passwords!