zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Business Attidue!

I need a hair cut and I need it now!

 So I went out, in my place we have a few hair dressers who have no appointment system so you can walk in as it suits you, trouble can be a long waiting time.

I remember a new place, opened a few months ago and it looks clean and brite so I thought: Go to that place, lets find out.

On the sidewalk a very good and clear sign, including prices and what to expect: Great! I come in at 10:50. There is no customer in the place and 4 employees are sitting on the chairs.
A girl stands up and asks: Yes sir what can I do for you? I want to get my hair cut, is it possible that it can be done now or do I need to make an appointment?

She looks in the computer and says: Let me look...Yes we have place at 11:00  O'Clock.

Now I start to wonder: Everybody is sitting on their behinds, eating and drinking, looking at me if I am a alien...and let me wait for 10 minutes...OK I put up my most "stupid funny face" if its the normal thing to let customers wait while your doing nothing

OK, its sunny so I say: OK I wait outside for 8 minutes...Its a beautiful day.... after 6 minutes I go inside again. This same girl is getting up: Do you want coffee? Yes please! (Its unclear to me why nothing is offerd to me while waiting outside)

OK I sit down in the couch, nip a few of the hair dressers stand up and says: Follow me please to the station. I take my coffee with me...No side table to put my coffee down. He pulls up a trolly full with small hairs, so I ask do you have a tissue to whip that off please because my coffee is on top of it I want to get my coffee hair free with a big smile, so he does with a really strange face.

He started to talking as hair dressers do and one point I ask him: You recently opened up, how is your business doing? Are you busy?...Yes! Its was very very busy..all day long many customers....I was there by now 20 minutes..still the only customer...No phone calls to make appointments....
Hmmmm interesting (hmmmm "fake it untill you make it" syndrom?)

"On the signs I see your very active with social media: How does it help your business?" I ask him. He said: "I dont know" (lazy language) know exactly but I like to play with the social media in general and keeps his friends updated...... Interesting answer for an entrepreneur......
Are they also client of yours? "NO" he said, "most live in a other part of town".
Very very interesting answer: your own friends, just 10 minutes away who are taking their business elsewhere....Just think about that from a perspective of Remember-TheIce and Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client!

In the meantime as I look in the mirror and see in the background - still I am the only customer - 3 people eating and drinking, watching their smart phones, playing at the computer and do nothing with a facial expression of real boredom.

My thoughts are: "Why they are sitting and doing nothing instead of cleaning the place?" (more items in the shop with full with hairs and dust in the corners) any way......I really feel like I am in a kind of hostile place...really strange to experience this while the signs says: Feel at home, be yourself, be welcome.

Yes, definitely that this business owner could benefit from: "Client Experience Improved program" by simply seeing and experiencing what I did...Like Tabatha does in her TV programs..Where are you Tabatha? ;-)

Tip of the day:
Make sure that you sit down from time to time in the customers seat, evaluate and do everything to improve, if you are unsure about what, simply get help, its affordable and it will get your more turn over and profit so it has a very good return on investment.

As always here to help you to clarify your message in sales, presentations, brochures, letters and other (non verbale) communications.

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